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objectives of a marketing strategy

To properly implement a webmarketing strategy and even marketing in general, it is important to follow this cycle containing 5 steps in order to boost the performance of a company by multiplying the loyal customers:

1. Seduce the customer:
The first step is to offer an offer that brings value to the customer. It can solve a problem, respond to a request or even as Apple does very well: create demand. The point is to really bring something that is of interest to the customer. The goal is to attract the customer by seduction with an attractive offer.

2. Federate the customer:
The goal here is to create a community around your product, your brand or your company to establish communication, solidarity and interactivity between you and your customers and between your customers themselves. Each company can develop its own community network and federate its customers around a dynamic that will serve both its communication objectives, but also and above all the progression and development of its products and services.

3. Involve:
The customer likes to feel himself an actor of his consumption, he likes even that the offer is tailor-made to meet his expectations. That’s why it’s important to put the customer as a central pillar in the company’s strategic decisions. For example, in the computer field, let the customer compose the computer as he wishes, or as the possibility at Ray Ban to test glasses online with his webcam. The conversion rate of your sales will be increased. By involving the customer in his act of purchase, his buying motivation is multiplied by 2. We like to have the freedom to choose, that’s what any customer expects.

4. Build loyalty:
Selling is good, but if the customer comes back it’s even better. In order to retain customers, it is important to offer an after-sales service that is up to the task, to listen to the customer, to offer discount cards after a certain number of purchases, to offer rewards for the best customers … L goal is to get customers back as often as possible. Show the customer that you are interested in him. A loyal customer is a customer who not only returns to buy, but also pushes others to buy from you, we often underestimate the power of word of mouth.

5. Analyze:
Build your customer database, analyze your sales over time, observe behaviors, trends, follow requests and suggestions … The analysis improves the points mentioned above and boost your marketing strategy. Draw conclusions from your analyzes to improve each point of your strategy.

If there were only 3 steps to get an effective marketing strategy, it would be this:

Attract (seduction: attractive offer)
Motivate (federation and implication: customer at the heart of the act of purchase)
Retain (reward, added value for returning customers)
And you ? What are the goals of your marketing strategies?

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