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Understanding the Fundamental of Email Marketing Singapore

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Why Email Marketing Services Singapore Has Become Business Needs?

In today’s world, there are endless ways to communicate, but email marketing is still an important inbound tool for having conversations with your contacts.

Email marketing is rooted in every part of an inbound strategy, and a great strategy will help you keep your marketing on target and show your company a return on investment.

When was your last time you sent an email? It could have been a few minutes ago or even right now. Now ask yourself what type of email did you send?

The email could have been a quick note to your co-worker, maybe a longer one to your boss, a personal email, or even sending out a marketing email to a segmented list of contacts.

The first email was sent by Ray Tomlinson in the 1970’s. Since then, everyone has been sending so many different types of email.

All of these types of email are important to not only your professional life but to your personal life as well.

They are important because you are engaging in conversation, and email is one of the main ways we have conversations and communicate in all the different sectors of our lives.

And by 2020 email use worldwide will top 3 billion users.

While you’re personal emails are important that we are going to focus on building effective your email marketing strategy.

This will help your audience, continue to nurture a relationship with them, and have conversations that help you and your customers to grow.

But doing email marketing is not as easy as it may seem. It is not as simple as quickly drafting a message and hitting the “send” button.

You have to build a healthy email list, make sure you are complying with email regulations, and segment your contacts so you are delivering the right messages to the right people, at the right time and so much more.

How to Build an Effective Email Marketing Strategy for Growth

Email marketing is now more than ever rooted in every part of our inbound strategy.

Focusing more and more on data and segmentation your email marketing is fuelling your inbound strategy with syncing closely to your CRM and contact database as well as the information on your website.

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You are collecting more data and to send great emails you are segmenting them to create a highly personalized experience for your contacts.

This is why having an inbound email marketing strategy will help you to keep your email on target and show your company a return on investment.

Whether you are a company of one or 5000, your email marketing strategy needs to be clearly defined to help you reach your goals.

So, how do email and inbound come together to fuel your inbound strategy and generate ROI for your business?

Your email marketing strategy is one part of your overall inbound strategy.

You will develop this strategy to market your products and services and nurture relationships in a human and helpful way through the use if the email channel.

For a lot of people, email marketing is an interesting part of inbound marketing. To some, it still is one of the prime examples of outbound marketing.

The word spam is enough to scare us away from hitting send. And to those who rely on the purchased list and emailing people who have never opted in the hearing from them, it should be scary.

By using “outbound” tactics of sending email, marketers are not having conversations with the people on the receiving end of their email.

This is why it’s so important to remember that there is a human on the other end if your emails send who will be reading that message.

List of Email Marketing Company Singapore


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iFoundries has been an advanced office that engages developing organizations with expertly-created computerized methodologies since 2005, with its central command in Singapore.

Besides that, there are few services that they provided for email marketing such as fully customizable templates, email automation and optimize and iterate. If you want to know more details please click here to visit their website.


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Xirlynx is Singapore’s premier Email Marketing Company. Since 2001, we have successfully executed and managed thousands of email marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, MNCs and small enterprises worldwide email advertising arrangements enable organizations to interface with their clients, customers, and individuals, furnishing them with a simple and reasonable approach to construct fruitful, enduring associations with their clients. With access to the most recent experiences on email advertising patterns and email promoting best practices, today, in excess of 1,000 clients overall trust Xirlynx to enable them to interface with their gathering of people.

Xirlynx gives you the email advertising methodologies that can enable you to connect with your gathering of people, advance your items or benefits and develop your business. Moreover, they have professional designers to monitor and enhance your EDM production, campaign managers to manage all your email blasts and reports.


icon marketing ifoundries

iFoundrise established in January 2005, iFoundries has its headquarters in Singapore with regional teams in Malaysia and Vietnam.

Nevertheless, iFoundries can get a lot of positive review from different websites. As it can helps a lot of company to improve their reputation and their sales,

Learn Why Email Marketing is an Important Part of Inbound

Creating an inbound email marketing strategy means you are creating a human, helpful and customer-driven conversation and experience, and this is what will lead to impactful results for your business.

So where do email and the inbound methodologies intersect?

Firstly, let’s review the inbound methodology. Let’s talk about what it is now, how it can help your business grow, and how email fits into the process.

The inbound methodology is made up of the four stages of inbound. These stages are attracting, convert, close and delight.

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The first stage is “attract”, where you will attract strangers and turn them into visitors. This can mean many things for you – using blogging and social media and optimizing your website.

These are all mediums for publishing and distributing content that people can choose to consume on their own terms, not channels for forcing people to engage with your message.

As technology continues to evolve and develop, there will be more and more mediums for you to use to attract strangers and convert them into visitors.

And once you have attracted your new visitors, the next step is to convert them into leads by gathering their contact information.

Again, it is their choice as to whether they are willing to share their contact information in exchange for access to your content.

And after you have attracted the right visitors and converted them into leads, it is time to turn those leads into customers.

And this is where we see email primarily live, in the close stage of the inbound methodology.

This is where you will use email to nurture your leads by sending them the right message, at the right time, every single time.

The email will then continue to support your inbound efforts after someone is already your customer.

You will use email to engage with and delight your customers and turn them into happy promoters of the products and service they love.

In our world today, trust is more important than ever. Word of mouth is how people develop trust with a brand.

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Your customers are the ones who will help you continue the buying process for others by sharing their experiences with their friends, family, and colleagues.

And once this occurs then the whole inbound methodology will begin again.

While our world today continues to evolve and new products and service appear daily, there are many ways to have conversations with your visitors, leads and customers.

Email marketing continues to be one of the practices that consistently fuels and deliver ROI for your business.

And when it is used properly, in collaboration with all of the other conventional tools, you can build trust.

By creating a great email marketing strategy, you are creating a sustainable, helpful and human experience to develop relationships with the customers and help them grow.

Thus, this is why by having complete understanding fundamentals of email marketing enable your business to grow tremendously and to compete with other giant business in the industry.

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