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Why Content Marketing Can Become Your Business Conversion Machine

Content Marketing Strategy Definition

Of course, content marketing has been a popular buzzword for a few years now.

But, what does it really mean?

The best fit to define about content marketing is it describes the creation of relevant, rich and extremely targeted communications with the commercial purpose.

Now, let’s dive deeper about some of the leading trends in content marketing.

The Power of Content Marketing

Content Marketing is Getting Popular than Ever

Yes, it is quite hot about this thing called content marketing.

It is so much more than a medium used for the communication industry to create some buzzword.

For your information, there is 89 per cent of business-to-business (B2B) companies and nearly as many pitching to consumers.

And, yes. Most of them are using content marketing as a tool to advance their brand presence and engage with their audience.

Of course, sometimes when writing a lot could cause a brain drain for you.

Obviously, when you have a tired brain, you are not as mentally sharp.

Thus, many of the companies or businesses try to overcome it by outsourcing their content marketing to the third party.

So, the question is, if everyone is doing it, will be a room there left for you?

The answer is, yes.

As long as you are putting out the content that your targeted audience will be interested in.

Content is about telling, not selling!

To be specific is it more about storytelling.

icon marketing story telling

You must build a story that the other will want to see, hear or read about it.

You don’t want to scare away your target audience with some meaningless story that they don’t interest in.

In another word, avoid creating the content that meets your needs to sell.

Focus on what your targeted audience wants to respond to.

Go Beyond Social Media.

Don’t ever underestimate the influence from the social media.

Therefore, you should never ever give up on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and the rest.

Don’t just stop there.

You have to go more up-close and be more personal with your audience and go where not everyone else is going.

You must get your audience to opt-in to your email marketing campaign, where you can control the message.

That means by giving something of perceived value so that that could hang around.

It is not an easy task.

But the reward for successful content marketing could be enormous.

What is Organic Content Marketing?

According to the Marketing Institute, there were approximately 5000 of people advertisement every day.

When faced with this kind of competition for an audience’s attention, actually there are two approaches – Paid Marketing and Organic Marketing.

icon marketing piad vs organic

Paid marketing involves allocating a budget to your advertising campaign and paying countless platforms for the promotion.

On the other hand, organic content marketing is more finding ways on how to make customers look for you naturally.

In other words, you will be using any type of marketing method that does not require a direct payment.

But, there still will be incurred cost there.

This also includes paying for content creation and the time spent by monitoring the campaigns as well as responding to customers.

Thus, this type of inbound marketing involves giving valuable content that customers really desired.

Why Content Marketing?

In a simple word, an organic content marketing system is customer-centric, by focusing on giving your customers a seamless online experience.

icon marketing targeted

Therefore, a quality and valuable content are needed to provide the ideal answer to questions and highlight why you have the best solution.

By establishing yourself as a good source of essential content, you will able to build an effective engagement with the customers.

In turn, you are building your brand.

Then again, this type of marketing requires time and tremendous effort, along with a good system which is essential to reap the rewards.

How to Content Marketing?

1. Know Your Platforms

Developing the content marketing system means putting the content in the right places.

It is crucial to have an understanding of the core demographics that your content will reach.

In facts, social media platforms do provide vibrant and instantly high-engaging audiences.

These audiences did comprise a staggering 42 per cent of the world population.

But, not all platforms are equal in terms of their marketing potential.

Just look at Instagram and Snapchat.

These social media platforms are where the younger audience usually is.

The statistic had revealed that there is 59 per cent of 18 to 29-year-old use Instagram.

2. Emphasis on Quality Content

Content is the key to everything in content marketing.

icon marketing golden key

It all about how you are trying to build and engage with the audience.

That’s mean you need to make content that is easy for people to find, solve their problems, able to share with their friends.

And that is how you can establish the source of information that people would want to return again and again.

Furthermore, keywords play as an integral part of any strategy, as they help you to drive your content up to the search rankings.

So, start by establishing the keywords that are relevant to your business, and that you expect customers to search for.

Besides, the keywords may get eyes on your content.

But they probably won’t hold much about viewer’s interest.

You need something that could keep them engaged, but keyword stuffing won’t help you to achieve that.

This is why quality content is essential.

A well-written, well-researched content keeps people reading, as it resonates with them.

There are many ways to enhance the content.

For example, you can arrange or break down the materials into digestible sections.

The using of visually appealing infographics is strongly recommendable as a picture is worth a thousand words.

You also could create the content or videos that express ideas instantly and easy to share across the social media.

And don’t forget the links as well.

By creating a network of related content is important in keeping the viewers engaged with the constant stream of relevant information.

Thus increase the chance they can make the purchase.

Final Thoughts: Why is Content Marketing so important?

By now, you should know why content marketing plays an important role in today’s business.

Content marketing is a potential boon for your business, as it provides the material of info that the online user is searching for,

It may be a slow process that involves a long-term commitment to create or produce high-quality content while constantly interacting with customers through various online platforms.

A few articles for a month definitely are not enough!

If you really want to benefit from potentially over three times as much traffic, you will need to publish at least 16 articles per month.

In addition, if you are handling the campaign in the right manner, there is a chance for you to see sustainable growth in your brand and a deeper level of engagement with your customers.

Nevertheless, this resource-intensive approach may require you to outsource work in order to stay relevant and get the result that needs.

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