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The Definitive Guide: Timing Is Everything in Email Marketing UK

Why Sending The Right Email is Important in Email Marketing UK

Sending the right email to the right person at the right time is discussed frequently in email marketing.

It is a major theme because why would not we want to send the right email to the right person at the right time?

When you send the right email, you have a better chance of converting your leads into the customer.

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This is because you are sending the most contextual message which allows you to deliver that message to the right person at the right time that will provide the most value to them.

In turn, this will help you to develop your relationship with them, build trust and continually delight them.

At its core, sending great email is about being human and helpful.

But it is not always easy to send the right email every time you press send because not all your leads and customers are the same.

Some leads are ready to buy, and others are still looking around.

And the same goes for your customers: you might have active customers and dormant ones, old customers and new customers.

With all of these contacts at different stages of the buyer’s journey and in different conversations with you, it is not always easy to send the right email every single time you hit send.

To send the right email, you need to understand the two things

First, why is sending that email or your goal.

And second, the value you are delivering to the person on the other end of the send.

With these two as your foundation, you are setting the right expectations with those receiving your email by setting an appropriate and contextual goal.

Then you just need to pair that with information that will provide the most value.

The Inbound of Email Marketing Services UK

Take a second to think about the core values of inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing is focused on attracting customers through relevant and helpful content and adding value at every stage in your customer’s buying journey.

Furthermore, the buyer’s journey that maps out the three stages in which a contact goes through awareness, consideration and decision.

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Each stage helping them moves toward a purchase or goal.

Now let’s focus in on: “adding value at every stage of your customer’s buying journey.”

This is the piece where your email marketing can have the most impact and where sending the right email is so important.

Think about this morning when you just opened your mail inbox.

Consider the messages that were waiting for replies.

I will guess there were emails in there you didn’t read and sent right over to your trash. And that’s ok!

But when we think about our own emails getting sent to the trash, it can be upsetting.

To grow your email marketing efforts as well as your business, you need to get into the inbox and engage with your contacts.

To avoid the trash bin, you want to send emails that provide real value to your leads and customers.

By doing so, you are being helpful and human with your email sends as well as creating great conversations with your leads and customers.

This is the importance of sending the right email to the right person at the right time every single time.

How Email Marketing Companies UK Can Be More Effective

When you are trying to send the right email to the right person at the right time, there can seem to be a lot of moving pieces to consider.

So, let’s break down how you can grow your business by sending the right email.

To send the right email, you need to focus on three key components: first, the right email, which is the content you are providing in that email.

Second, the right person, which comes down to how you segment your contacts,

And third, the right time and thus the timeliness in which you are reaching out to those contacts.

Each of these components works off another.

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Using these components you can feel confident that your email is going to be providing valuable content, to the right person who is using that content and delivered at the time that it will be most impactful.

Let’s examine each of these components and how they can support you and your business in sending human and helpful emails.

First, is creating the right email.

This is an important piece of the framework because it comes down to the content that you are sending.

Inbound is all about the happy marriage between context and content.

You need to treat your contacts as the humans they are, humans with needs desires and goals, and you do this through bringing context together with the content that you send them.

Take a moment and think about an email you received where the content didn’t align with the subject or the context in which you thought you were receiving it?

It is a pretty jarring experience that can leave you with a lack of trust for the person who sent it to you.

On the other side, think about the last time you were sent an email that served the right content that only was exciting but also contextual.

Take for example, when you take a specific action on a website around a certain topic and an email is triggered to you that follow up with additional educational content around that topic.

The content relates to what you are looking for with the right context.

Sending the right email is about delivering the right contextual message to those who are reading it.

This is how you will develop trust as well as an effective email marketing strategy.

This brings us to the second part of the framework: sending to the right person.

The way that you can send to the right person is through segmentation.

To review, segmentation is to act of dividing your contacts into smaller groups based on similarities.

Segmenting you contacts helps you to tailor the message to be more relevant and engaging to the people receiving the email.

For example, a few segments of most businesses will have been around lifecycle stages.

Specifically segments for your subscribers, leads and customers. These segments are going to be extremely important.

They are valuable because you are not just sending your emails to your leads but to your leads but to your existing customers.

Content, just like in the stages of the buyer’s journey, will change based on the contact’s lifecycle stage.

Your segments are the building blocks for all of your email sends.

They provide the information you need to send relevant and timely content.

If you are using a contact database that stores all of the information on your contacts and allows you to track their activity, you can easily pair the right segments with the right content to send out at the right time.

Last is timing. It is an important step to send the right email at the right time.

Most of our lives, we have been told that “timing is everything”. And when it comes to email, it is true!

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Timing is what will power your emails.

It will power your emails because you can send the right email to the right person but if it is not delivered at the right time, it will not be as impactful.

When you look at the timing if your emails, you can see the connection between the content and timing.

To send a perfectly timed email, you will need to take into consideration where your contacts are in the buyer’s journey and pair the right content with that stage.

Different content will appeal to different buyers at different stages of the buying process.

For example, someone in the awareness stage of the buying process will be looking for more educational content versus someone in the decision stage is looking for more information on making a purchase or speaking with sales.

By connecting the content with the different stages of the buyer’s journey means focusing on relevancy.

You need to be able to answer the questions:

When will this contact see value from this email?

Will they able to do something with it right now?

Is this information relevant to their needs or goals?

Let’s think about it this way.

You know your contacts are at different stages of the buyer’s journey and you need to pair relevant content based on the timing of the different stages.

In addition, you will need to be able to look at the tight time during a day, week, or month to deliver relevant content to your contacts.

So how do these pair together?

With the information you have regarding the buyers’ journey stages of your contacts you also want to consider their user activity.

Their activity will help you determine when the content should be delivered.

Through send time personalization you can deliver the relevant content also at the right time.

Send time personalization uses the data you have on each of your contacts.

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Such as when they open, click, and convert, and schedules your emails to send when your contacts are most likely to engage with your email.

Relevant content plus an ideal time period equals sending at the right time.

Using the buyer’s journey, you can map out the relevant content to deliver and using send time personalization, you could send at the right time.

The Right Timing is Everything in Email Marketing UK

Another important aspect of sending the right email is understood when not to send the email.

An inbound professional, you know that email is an important piece of your inbound strategy, but a great email marketer recognizes when not to send an email.

You don’t want to be sending customers offers that are relevant only to your leads and you need to be able to suppress those contacts from your email sends.

At a minimum, the content won’t be relevant to them, and at worst you might lose trust or make your company seem out of touch with their needs.

Your customers don’t have any need for emails promoting free trials or product demos, so you need to make sure you are not sending those emails to them.

It might seem obvious that to communicate effectively with your customers you need to mark them as customers in your system, but it really is an important piece to sending great emails.

To send the right email to the right person at the right time you will need to find the right content and the relevant time to send.

And when you do this, you are going to be able to send a great email that nurtures your contacts into happy customers and helps you grow your business.

Icon Marketing Strategy can always provide the most useful and relevant tips of marketing! Please always visit us if you need more marketing tips.

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